August 28, 2011


Took these pictures when I visited HILDEPUS and her cat LE PUS( or at least that is what I call it, I think Hilde only calls it pus.) in their apartment in OSLO. Her cat is a boy and he is VERY social and talkative.. and he has this really strange dark voice. Before I met him I had heard him on the phone, first I thought it was feedback or something but then I realized that it was his strange sheep-like voice. After that I kind of just wanted to call him the Voice .. and after I had photographed him I only wanted to call him BLUE STEEL, after Ben Stiller's model look in ZOOLANDER. He is a real poser! Anyway, Le Pus is the name I'm sticking with, as well as Hilde always will be Hildepus.

August 27, 2011


After a month in NORWAY we have returned to BERLIN, but not to STRAUSBERGER PLATZ, to KREUZBERG. As I’ve mentioned shortly before we are moving before the wedding.. and it turned out that we started that move the day we got back, by moving our suitcases into our from now on apartment on the border between Kreuzberg and Schöneberg. The apartment is the same that my SISTER and FRODE stayed in when they were here. You might remember it from this post. It’s on the top floor, with fantastic light and beautiful floors so I can’t wait to start living there.. and photographing it.

Right now we have no internet in the apartment and the next couple of days are going to be hectic with moving and wedding preparations but I will post pictures from my last days in OSLO, the apartment and all the madness ..whenever I find time. By the way, my fear of the summer ending before I got back to BERLIN was unnessesary, as we have had over 30 degrees these last couple of days! As my friend LINDSAY would say; I LOVE IT! Have  a nice weekend everyone:)

August 25, 2011


                     After a surprise cava breakfast we met weather girl Hilde at TV2                             

             After more cava and makeup I'm starting to feel kind of ready to pose as a weather girl            

                    ...and then over to the news...                   

                        Delicious lunch at Verftet                                

                      Watching my weather forecast                       

                             Bergen by night                     

Photo: Ina Romslo Rønning

So these are some glimpses from my BERGEN BACHELORETTE PARTY. I got all sentimental organizing the photos for this post. It's not often I get to have a girls night like the one we had for my bachelorette party... it's not often I get to see my Norwegian friends period. Living in Berlin the only thing I really wished for my Bachelorette party was for the chance to hang out with my friends and have a great time.. and that I got ...and then some:) Thank you all for being such great friends!

August 24, 2011


These last couple of days we have been staying in E's friend OLE JACOB and his girlfriend BRITA's apartment at CARL BERNER in OSLO. They just moved into a beautiful two floor apartment with a balcony with a stunning view. Looking out over Oslo and admiring the view it felt uncomfortable to see the top of the main government building wrapped due to reconstruction after the TERRORIST ATTACKS on OSLO the 22nd of July this year. I heard of the bombing under half an hour after it happened because E was talking to Ole Jacob on the phone, we were in Berlin. Even though his apartment is far from where the bomb went off he had felt it. We joked last night about the fact that he had been inside on his computer watching the splintered buildings on his computer all day, without realizing that he actually could have seen it from his balcony. The reason he didn't know, was that this was the day he moved to OSLO from BERGEN. What a day to arrive.

In most ways I feel very lucky that I was not here when it happened, still it feels kind of strange, almost empty not to have been. Even though BERGEN is my hometown, OSLO was the last city I lived in before i moved to BERLIN and the city and the people who live here still has a big place in my heart. I don't know how to explain this empty feeling, but it's like a feeling of that I should have been here ..or something.

August 22, 2011


Even though this has been a great and eventful summer there are always some travels and happenings that you have to pass up on  ..but that you truly wish you could have done. This feeling of 'I wish' for me often comes when I see updates or pictures that my friends post on facebook. Like for instance a couple of days ago when many of my girlfriends were gathered in BERGEN to celebrate one of their 30th  birthdays at the RIHANNA CONCERT. Another one of those 'I wish feelings' came with this picture. It's a picture of my friend PAMELA and PJ HARVEY taken during a talk/presentation at the DOKUFEST in PRIZREN in KOSOVO this summer. Some of my friends from Berlin decided to go there together and I truly wished that I could have been there with them. But still, it's nice second best to see the photos...

All these photos were taken by photojournalist JETMIR IDRIZI at a talk about and a screening of PJ Harvey's collaboration with photographer SEAMUS MURPHY. The project consists of 12 SHORTFILMS that Murphy has produced, photographed and directed to accompany the 12 tracks on PJ Harvey's latest album LET ENGLAND SHAKE.

August 20, 2011


The OSLO WEATHER has been GREAT today, so after my visit to TEKSTALLIANSE at KUNSTHALL OSLO I decided to take a walk over the new OSLO BRIDGE's new to me anyway. I guess it's practical and natural to cross this bridge from this destination no matter the weather, but I imagine it's not that FUN to cross it in shitty wind and rain (after crossing PUDDEFJORDSBROEN(a bridge in BERGEN) a couple of times in awful weather I kind of dread bridges in crappy weather).. and more especially; it's not that fun to photograph in bad weather I took the opportunity to take some pictures (and force E to take some) when we crossed it. Well, then it's off and out into the SUN again, have a beautiful SATURDAY!

August 17, 2011


After some beautiful weeks at VESTLANDET we are now on course for ØSTLANDET and OSLO. It's sad to see how the shift from summer to autumn so suddenly catches up with us ..but I still have big hopes for warm summer days in OSLO, and in not that long of a time, in BERLIN. We are at least moving south so hopefully we will be able to chase the summer for a bit longer. It's strange how  addictive the sun is, I can't remember the last time I had a summer this sunny and warm ..and now I can not get enough!

August 4, 2011


This weekend we had a dinner at our family cabin at LØYNING in NORWAY celebrating our upcoming wedding. We had a beautiful day spending the first part of the day gathering FLOWERS, decorating the table and preparing the evening's BARBECUE  ..and the second part eating good food and drinking good (..and some experimental) wines with my parents, sister Inger, grandmother, aunt Åse, uncle Helleik and my cousin Nils Petter, his girlfriend Kaia and their young son LITTLE HELLEIK. Everything in the beautiful sunny summer weather of the Norwegian mountains.