January 30, 2011


For E's birthday we prepared a hole CHICKEN, the best till this date I think. Even after most of the meat was gone, the room still smelled great from the BONES. Resulting in E fulfilling a long time dream; making his own chicken stock of of the chicken bones, water, wine and some vegetables. Even though the food tasted great; we pared the chicken with white-truffle-butter-sweet-potato-fries and a fresh salad, the HIGHLIGHT of the evening was maybe the wines. We started of with a Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs Brut from a CHAMPAGNE PRODUCER that E has been very interested in ..and excited about lately; JACQUES SELOSSE (more about that producer and his wines in a blogpost I'm planning; a champagne guide for dummies) and then went over to a PINOT NOIR, a 2007 Aurelien Verdet, Nuits St. Georges, 1er Cru La Richemone. Both of them very tasty and definitively worthy of E's birthday celebration. More about AURELIEN VERDET here.

January 29, 2011




This week my SISTER arrived in BERLIN, to stay, for almost half a year. It feels FANTASTIC to have her here after almost FIVE years not living in the same CITY. The other day when we went out she was wearing this beautiful second hand AUBIN & WILLS CAPE that she bought a week before she arrived here  ...in a second hand store at the PORTOBELLO MARKET in NOTTING HILL, LONDON. She told me that as she was paying for the CAPE an older british man walked in. You could tell by the way he looked that life hadn't been too EASY on him, but that he still had a GREAT sense of STYLE. A soon as he came in to the store he looked at what my sister was buying and exclaimed in a (of course) perfect BRITISH accent; OH, IT'S PUURFECT FOR SKIING! Coming from Norway, the ultimate land of skiing, this of course sounds pretty much just hilarious, but still, just puurfect, coming from this man.

January 27, 2011



 GALLIANO for DIOR, SS 2011,  photo: SCANPIX

January 24, 2011



SOL LEWITT, Modular Cube, 1993


One time when I talked to my DAD he asked for more picture of CARS on my BLOG. I have always been a big fan of CARS, maybe I don't know that much about them, but I really like how they LOOK, and I therefore thought that my DAD's request was a reasonable one. Unfortunately most of the nice cars here in BERLIN are in the western part, and not the eastern where I live, so there haven't been any car photos.. until last week.. when we went on a trip to the WEST to buy some CHAMPAGNE for E's birthday ..and my eye fell on this old VOLVO ..and I thought to myself that this was a nice opportunity to photograph a car (even though I think my dad was more hoping for a picture of maybe a BMW or a MERCEDES BENZ). So here they are.. my blog's first car pictures and hopefully not the last ones, even though I must admit that I don't know much about this car ..other than it's red and with a fun shape.. . and that it's a VOLVO..

...and that it has a BEHIND looking like this.. If anyone know anything more about this CAR, like when it's from or something, feel free to COMMENT, then maybe this can be the start of me learning more about cars..

January 21, 2011


ERLEND has taken a new step on the PHOTOGRAPHY LADDER; coming up with his own photo ideas, like shooting trough his SUNGLASSES. I have always been a FAN of doing that so I didn't argue.

January 20, 2011


The other day the SUN was shining, not the teasing kind of shining, but the REAL DEAL ..and the sun hit some of the things in our bedroom and created beautiful SHADOWS. Some of the shadows fell on some CARDS I had bought a couple of days earlier ..with motives by the two artists GERHARD RICHTER and WOLFGANG TILLMANS .. I thought the shadows and the motives on the cards looked really nice together and wanted to capture it, to save it ..maybe for a rainy day.. anyway ..that is the STORY of how these photos came to LIFE.

January 18, 2011


After I came to BERLIN I have given the SKY a lot of attention. Coming from BERGEN, the sky seems a lot bigger here and there are fantastic SUNSETS. In that manner the Berlin sky is very different from the one I grew up with. But they do have something in common, and that is the HEAVY GREY CLOUDS which more than often COVER the city ..and sometimes the minds of the people who have to live under it. This winter has been no exception and there has been days and days with this gray lid.  With EXCEPTION of some tiny seconds.. just before you get up and most often just before sunset (these days that's around 4) the sun decides to come out. It BURNS its way through the lid that covers the city and appears as a FIREBALL just above the horizon. It is without a doubt a SIGHT FOR SORE EYES and it fills me with happiness ..just to CRUSH me feelings seconds later as it disappears under the horizon. This resulted in a rant, by me, the other day. It just PISSED me off how the SUN comes out almost just to tease me, to make me aware of the fact that it is always there, behind the clouds, just not accessible to me. Like the other day, when the sky looked like in these pictures; you can see that there is a lid of clouds over BERLIN and that the sun is all the way over there in some distant beautiful place. Maybe it should make me optimistic.. knowing that that the sun is actually there.. and of course it gives me enormous JOY when it comes out...I rush for my camera to capture it and there by the window, looking out, the sun and I share a moment, but it doesn't take away the fact.. the obvious fact that the BELIN SUN is a TEASE, a big fat TEASE.


A couple of days ago we bought a lot of MUSSELS. Most of it we used for a tomato and mussel pasta dish, but we had some left so we decided to make PAELLA. As many of you might have understood E is the main chef around here, while I contribute where I can ..one of those ways are with ideas. Good ideas, and this time the idea was PAELLA. We decided to go for a mixed paella with both CHICKEN, SHRIMP, CHORIZO (lately we have come to the conclusion that there seems to be few things that can not be improved by a little bit of chorizo.. a similar conclusion that others have made before us about bacon) and MUSSELS. The other ingredients were risotto rice, SAFFRON, garlic, stock from cooking the mussels, water(ideally you are not supposed to use water.. first chicken stock and then fond from the mussels, but we didn't have chicken stock and we made it on a Sunday), shallots, onion and carrot. The dish is made in a very similar way as the RISOTTO, only without the parmesan and with saffron.

Paella being a spanish dish and E being a PURIST when it comes to cooking, we of course had a spanish wine with it. About half a year ago we discovered the WHITE RIOJA from the SPANISH winemaker R. LÓPEZ DE HEREDIA. Ever since we tasted it it has been one of our favorites. E found out about it on a wineblog where the guy who had the blog described his feelings for this wine to his feelings for MEGAN FOX. Both very positive. I don't have strong feelings about Ms FOX but I do have for this wine. It is absolutely delicious. The wine smells oxidized but with a LOT of deep yellow fruits, and the taste is FRESH, but very complex with lots of ACID and MINERALS and MORE FRUIT but also OILY in the mouth and some taste of HONEY that gives a long after taste.The one we had with the paella is their VINA GRAVONIA from 1999. LÓPEZ DE HEREDIA believe their wines need a lot of time so they release all of them very late.

(I just googled Ms Fox and found this picture of her were she is both sweet, fresh, hot, sunny and oily.. maybe the wine blogger was onto something anyway..  at least I can relate to part of his parallel looking at this picture.)


January 14, 2011


Since I came to BERLIN Erlend and I have been joking about the fact that I have felt like I've lost my MOJO ( like in the AUSTIN POWER movies....almost ). Basically meaning that I have felt that I've MISSED some of the important parts of my life that makes ME feel like ME. It's very romantic moving to a fantastic city for love, but it's not always easy. Lately, luckily, I've felt that it's starting to come back to me, the feeling of being me. It has to do with a lot of things, but the part that is relevant to this post ..is that my passion for dressing up and experimenting with my wardrobe is back. I have therefore lately wanted to do more STYLE shots for my blog. This is of course FUN for me, but it has also made E my part time blog photographer. Not totally voluntarily. E has never been a big photography fan, neither when it comes to shooting them himself ..or looking at them. But then he met me.. a picture junkie. and I like to think that I, at least just a little bit, have made him appreciate photography some.

So yes, he now photographs, the man who never did. And he has become quite GOOD at it ..and I think he sometimes think it's kind of fun.. like when he gets a really good shot. But it's not always fun, for either of us. I can be a very BAD TEACHER (or all in all I like to think of myself as a pretty good teacher... like for instance when I was taking german lesson here in Berlin, the guy sitting next to me in class was a 40 year old japanese man who had big problems following the lessons, so I tried to help him whenever I could ..and were complimented by my teacher who thought that I used to teach.. but that was not the point ..) but... I'm not always a particularly nice or patient photography teacher.. partly because I'm not only trying to teaching E how to take pictures ..I'm also trying to teach him not only to photograph me, but to photograph me as me. A project that is IMPOSSIBLE, but still works surprisingly well.  But as E pointed out to me today when I was acting out because he didn't read my mind; you should have an identical TWIN, then you photograph her. Well I don't have a twin but I have a SISTER that soon will come and live here in Berlin ..and if she agrees I will sometimes maybe pretend she's my Barbie and post pictures of her here.

My WHITE WOOL COAT I got at a theaters wardrobe sale, the grey ALPACA sweater is COS men, the SEQUIN skirt is from GINA TRICOT, the CLUTCH is second hand from TRABANT in OSLO,  my white leather GLOVES and the RING are both H&M and my grey pumps were bought in some random store when I was on a ROAD TRIP in the States some years ago. I seem to remember that they almost didn't cost a thing. I have many reasons for wanting to go back to the States that are much bigger and more important than the shoe prices.. but they are still a reason.