April 15, 2014


This Friday I had three CHEFS all to myself. Each of them made their own dishes and contributed with different foods and drinks. I contributed with ATMOSPHERE and ENTHUSIASM. What was thought to be a 5 course meal turned into something more like an ALL NIGHTER filled with several meals spread out. Everything tasted so so good. We started off with a CEVICHE inspired by a dish E and I had at HERBSAINT in NEW ORLEANS. Following it was ALISA's delicious potato and salmon salad, You can find the recipe on Alisa's BLOG, both the blog and the dish are highly recommended. Later we had E's kidney dish with mushrooms and espelette pepper. As a small break we had a GROG cocktail and then, about six hours after the ceviche, ARNE's homemade BUNS with PULLED PORK and coleslaw. And finally for dessert; MADELEINES. We had a friend buy the pan for New Years and after that E has been making them quite a lot. I am normally not a big fan of cookies,but these are so delicious, especially when served WARM. For the observant ones; yes, the table was originally set for five, but we got a last minute cancellation. After watching the pictures I'm guessing she must be sorry, at least I would have been. It was a feast.