August 22, 2011


Even though this has been a great and eventful summer there are always some travels and happenings that you have to pass up on  ..but that you truly wish you could have done. This feeling of 'I wish' for me often comes when I see updates or pictures that my friends post on facebook. Like for instance a couple of days ago when many of my girlfriends were gathered in BERGEN to celebrate one of their 30th  birthdays at the RIHANNA CONCERT. Another one of those 'I wish feelings' came with this picture. It's a picture of my friend PAMELA and PJ HARVEY taken during a talk/presentation at the DOKUFEST in PRIZREN in KOSOVO this summer. Some of my friends from Berlin decided to go there together and I truly wished that I could have been there with them. But still, it's nice second best to see the photos...

All these photos were taken by photojournalist JETMIR IDRIZI at a talk about and a screening of PJ Harvey's collaboration with photographer SEAMUS MURPHY. The project consists of 12 SHORTFILMS that Murphy has produced, photographed and directed to accompany the 12 tracks on PJ Harvey's latest album LET ENGLAND SHAKE.

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