July 27, 2013


I know I haven’t been that good at posting lately, but this LAST WEEK my lack of posting has not been because of having nothing to show you ..BUT a lack of internet. I have spent the last week at our family CABIN in the Norwegian mountains ..and it’s been absolutely WONDERFUL. A full week of SUN and warm temperatures. Norwegian summer at its BEST. The nearby lake has now reached the amazing temperature (I am being ironic) of 17,5 degrees (we started at 13 last weekend). I have not had the pleasure of taking a swim in it yet... simply because I do NOT think it would be a PEASURE (for every year that passes I become more of a WUSS when it comes to cold water) but I  have been spending a lot of time in a much smaller, totally IDYLLIC, POND that is not that far from here ..where the temperature is now 22.  I will not post pictures from that today, instead I will share with you some pictures from the night we arrived here... when I took a walk to pick FLOWERS. Something I have loved doing ever since I was a CHILD. 

July 18, 2013


A certain amount of days looking out on this ..and I then mean FOG and RAIN ..eventually made me go out and photograph it. I think as a photographer one of my main assets is seeing the beauty in almost every situation ..but I think living in BERGEN ..even though Bergen can be really beautiful  ..will challenge me in that way. And even though photographing in untraditional weather can give really beautiful pictures ..it's not always as FUN. Anyway, this is my parents garden ..soaked in rain. The house normally has a great VIEW but these last days the view has been blocked by an endless white fluffy wall.

July 15, 2013


This weekend I experienced what I felt was the first SUMMER NIGHT since I arrived in BERGEN. I was wearing shoes with open toe AND an open jacket ...without getting COLD as I was walking home. Yes, it's all about ADAPTING ..or else you will get DEPRESSED. The whole evening was really nice, mixing things I used to do while living in BERGEN (it's been 7 years) with new things. As E and I was walking from the BUS STOP to my parents house, a stretch I've walked a THOUSAND times, I decided that I for once would try do a thing that I have wanted to do many times before, but never have done; try to CAPTURE some of that mixed feeling of walking these streets; filled with happiness and life from an evening filled with good FRIENDS, drinks and food .. at the same time as being surrounded by the quiet street of suburbia, so obviously stating that the evening is over, making me wish it never had to end (E on the other hand was at this point of the evening (as usual when I am all fired up) ready to crash into bed ..so we had to make a quick stop by the house to pick up some POTAPO CHIPS as BRIBE before he was ready to take some pictures). 

I have to say that it is in some ways strange suddenly spending all this time in Bergen, knowing that we will soon move back here. Right now I am truly in TRANSIT, living in the house where I grew up surrounded by so many memories  ...but this time being here with my husband, trying to plan a LIFE that I HOPE will have in it all that was GOOD the last time I lived here ..but at the same time be so different. It feels like some sort of time travel where I am living my life in one time... the present time, while by brain is running all these different narratives from past times parallel with that. What can I say, it's kind of confusing, but I am sure it will all fall into place ...when it does. 

July 9, 2013


These last couple of weeks have been spent at BØNES in BERGEN ..in the house that I grew up in. My parents are off on HOLIDAY so we have been the lucky winners of having the house all to ourselves. After two weeks in BERGEN I realized that 7 years away had totally made me forget that you can easily spend an entire summer in BERGEN without hardly experiencing any days with temperatures over 20 degrees. These last weeks it's been more like 13. BUT, this weekend we had SUN, and at the balcony it was actually warm enough to TAN ..and enjoy an early champagne/tapas dinner. I'm starting to remember that the key to a successful Norwegian summer is all about making the most out of those glimpses of summer you actually get. Hope you all are enjoying your summer, wherever you are!