May 31, 2013

May 30, 2013


After 3 weeks in BERLIN I am now in VENICE to see the 55th VENICE BIENNALE.  E picked me up in Berlin and then we drove together down here. Seeing the ocean and colors again is so nice, this city is something else. I still have not taken that many pictures, but if you want some of the Venice atmosphere you should check out my pictures from LAST TIME.  Am almost sure the pictures from that visit will turn out better than the once from this one's supposed to rain rain rain ..But we will see!

May 18, 2013


So this is the STUDIO that has functioned as my home for the last weeks. It belongs to two friends of mine that are currently out of town .. and I was very happy when I found out that I could stay here while they were gone. It is located in a BACKYARD that is connected to a very charming street in KREUZBERG. I just love the furniture, the windows, LARS' paintings, the concrete floors, the LAMP made by ØYSTEIN, the light ..just the ATMOSPHERE of the space. As I have mentioned earlier, one of my favorite things when I live, or am staying in a new space ..that I really like, is to get to spend time with it ..and SOAK in all the visual impressions ..and then try to capture it the way I see it ..and the way I feel about it, through my camera. For me, having the chance to spend a lot of time with a ROOM ..or a PLACE ..or an OBJECT that I really like ..while photographing it, can be compared to the feeling a person could get if they had the chance to sit in the sun. .. for as long as they wanted ..while eating as much as they wanted of their favorite ICE CREAM ...or the feeling you can get when you disappearing into your favorite BOOK or MAGAZINE. So yes, I INDULGE in these situations. Writing this makes me think of this sentence that I wrote down many years ago ..while in art school; 'I am a person who has a very non-superficial relationship to many superficial things'  ...or as a friend of mine put it the other night ; 'I love beautiful things' could be your mantra. 

May 17, 2013


The 17th of MAY is the NORWEGIAN CONSTITUTION DAY and I am spending my fourth in a row in BERLIN. One of the nice things about spending it here is that you have a better shot at nice weather ..and this year it's great so I am spending the day in the PARK. But I also kind of wanted to get into the festive mood I picked out these pictures of some delicious cakes that I shot for FASVO in Fredrikstad last year ..I also went into the archive of my blog and took a look at my FIRST 17th of MAY in Berlin. It was a very nice one!

May 16, 2013


Early this year I was contacted and asked if I would be interested in letting some of my PICTURES be used as illustrations in a new iPad MAGAZINE. At that point the only thing I knew was that the magazine was initiated by a NORWEGIAN WOMAN  ..and that it was going to be about INNOVATION and helping women finding their STRENGTHS and reaching their GOALS. I quite fast decided that this was a project I wanted to be a part of, mostly because I thought that the magazine sounded like something I would be interested in myself. Moving back to Norway this FALL will mean a big CHANGE in my life, and I was hoping that this magazine would be helpful in making me accomplish the things I want to do.

The iPad magazine, which is a CREATIVE COACHING TOOL, was launched on the 8th of March, on the international women’s day, and is called THE INNOVATION EFFECT. It was started by Norwegian ANNETTE FOSAAS, is written in English ..and has far as I have understood ..contributors from mostly England and the United States. It consists of both inspirational ARTICLES and creative TOOLS and METHODS to increase women’s potential at the life stage they are at right NOW. Looking at the finished product today I am glad I decided to be a part of it.  Not only because I feel that the magazine can be helpful for me, but also because I believe in the project.

The pictures in the magazine that are mine are mainly pictures that have already been on MY BLOG, and it was quite funny to see how many pictures of me they actually ended up using. I have started reading the magazine  .. finally got myself an iPad so that I could actually access it … I have also started to follow ANNETTE’s  BLOG ..and I am finding both very inspiring. I think one of the things that I really like about this magazine is that it gives you EASY ACCESS to a lot a material that you often would have do a lot of research to get hold of. As ANNETTE writes herself; the magazine is there to give others what was not there when she wanted to start her own company. Not only is accessibility nice in itself ..but I THINK that sometimes when you have a DREAM to start something ..or just want to make some CHANGES in your life's hard to know where to START ...or to find the right person to talk to about it, and then it's especially nice that there is a tool out there ..that is easy to access AND offers you some company in your process. Being a freelancer, I often have this feeling of being all alone in what I am doing, and then hearing the stories of inspirational people ...or their favorite quotes ...well.. inspirational, BUT, maybe most importantly, it makes me feel not as alone. If you are curious about the magazine and would like to check it out it is possible to download it in APP STORE ..for a very affordable prize ..or you could read more about it HERE.

May 15, 2013


I have now been in BERLIN for over a week and it is so nice to be back. Of course; the weather! I don't think there is a CITY in the world where you feel the difference between WINTER and SPRING as strongly as you do here ..especially when it comes to color. BERLIN is literally either grey or green. And right now it's GREEN; and it's sooooo nice. And I am not the only one appreciating it; according to Berliners this has been the longest winter anyone can remember. So in addition to the weather; I am staying at some friends' STUDIO ..and it has a really nice atmosphere. I have already shown you the backyard ..and I will show you some pictures of the studio later. I have always loved this space, and the street it is located on, so I feel truly lucky to be able to stay here. But yes, so with all of this being great, still the BEST thing about being back in Berlin is my GIRLFRIENDS. When I decided to come here for all of May it had a lot to do with the fact that my friend BRITNEY, who used to live here, but now lives in New York, would come back to Berlin and stay here for some time this spring. Britney and I actually left Berlin almost at the same time ..and joined forces first in NY ..and then we met her in MISSISSIPPI, her home state, where she took us for a tour to many of the BEAUTIFUL PLACES close to where she grew up. The nice thing about moving around so much is that even though you leave something, you always find something too; and Britney and I have been finding each other all over this last year, and it's been truly very nice.