August 20, 2013


I'm now in BERGEN after a a wonderful week spent in my friend SILJE and her boyfriend ANDREAS' apartment in OSLO. They are the lucky owners of an apartment with balconies both to their back yard and to the street, so it's not hard to be happy when you stay there. They have also planted a lot of HERBS as well as TOMATOES and CHILLIES on their balconies ..AND the apartment is in a nice area so we have been very happy tenants. They also have a lot of plants, so they had asked me to water all their greens when they were gone ...but, because of a misunderstanding ANDREAS's mother also thought she was going to water the plants ...which led to this nice first encounter between me and SILJE's mother in law; It's around noon, I have a meeting down town with the COUPLE that is getting MARRIED see the venue for the dinner/party ..before the actual wedding (the wedding that I was going to photograph). I am of course running late, and the weather is NICE and WARM so I have decided that I have to/ absolutely want to wear a SKIRT (kind of desperately, because I know that I am only days, weeks or shorts moths away from moving back to BERGEN ..where my legs hardly ever will have the PLEASURE of feeling the magical touch of the LATE SUMMER SUN) .. during my rainy weeks at the cabin shaving my legs had not been first priority so I realized that I desperately need to do this before I leave the house.

So there I stand, in the bathroom, with the door open, only wearing my UNDERWEAR, with one foot in the sink covered with white foam .. when I hear somebody putting a KEY in the front door. I knew it was not E, because he was on the train to VÅLER, so I quickly reach for a towel and stand there looking at the door ...when a woman I have never seen before enter. I was kind of relieved when I saw it was a WOMAN..and not a man ..and asked; who are you? And well, she of course answers 'I'm Andreas' mother, I am here to water the plants'. I walk over to her and realize as I am about to introduce myself and SHAKE her HAND that my right hand is covered in SHAVING GEL due to what I was doing .. I also realize that the apartment is looking like a MESS.. with my photo equipment all over the kitchen table and clothes all over the FLOOR due to my 'I'm in a hurry, what to wear' frenzy about 10 minutes earlier. I explain why I am there ..and that I am been put in CHARGE of WATERING the plants ..while I feel kind of like this BUM who's trashing up her DEAR SON'S beautiful apartment, not capable of taking care of anything ..let alone their herb garden that is inspired by the herb garden she has at her house ( I learned from the brief encounter). PUH! That said, she seemed like a very nice lady, I'm more unsure about her impression of me, ..AND very glad this was not my first meeting with my own mother in law.

August 15, 2013


I wish I was posting these pictures to introduce you to MY new dog, but this magical little creature belongs to ERLEND's sister SILJE and her boyfriend TRULS. He is a nine week old POMERANIAN named FENRIS ..and in case you didn't notice; he is SUPER CUTE. If any of you get the sensation that you have seen something a little bit like him on the internet before, you are probably thinking of a very famous pomeranian named BOO -also known as the worlds cutest dog. If you have not seen him before you should check him out ..chances are that you will either find him very cute.. or very creepy ..or maybe both many people, in my opinion rightfully, thinks he looks more like a TEDDY BEAR than a real dog. I have to admit that while I was petting FENRIS it felt kind of like a childhood dream come true; having a living teddy bear, so even though this one looks a lot more real than Boo ..he also felt almost too cute to be true.

August 13, 2013

August 11, 2013


Totally exhausted, but also very happy, after spending all of yesterday photographing the beautiful wedding ...of the beautiful couple ANETTE and WESLEY in beautiful OSLO. I think it's such an honor as well as a nice experience getting to spend the entire WEDDING DAY with a couple like that ..but it also makes my entire body hurt the day after. Their wedding was wonderful from beginning to end and I can not wait to show you some pictures, but today you have to settle with these photos that I took at the cabin while making a FLOWER CROWN. Realized when I put it on that I can't really wear one with that  kind of flowers because of my ALLERGIES; putting it on made my eyes and nose itch and run immediately ..well well, I guess that just means that if I ever want to make one again ..I'll just have to make it for someone else:)

August 9, 2013


When we arrived at the CABIN we had big FISHING ambitions ..BUT we actually ended up doing it only once. The fish in the water by our cabin is not very big, but it's a fun activity ..and it's nice to eat self caught fish. So these pictures were taken when my dad, Erlend and I went out to bring in the FISHES we had caught in our two fishing nets during the night. As imagined they were not very BIG, but not really small either ..considering what we are used to catching in this water .. AND we caught 8 of them so enough to make lunch.

August 8, 2013


I am in OSLO this week to photograph a WEDDING ..and to see friends ..and to enjoy OSLO during summer ..because I especially miss living in Oslo when I think of the summers I spent here. Beautiful summers. It's kind of ironic that I am here during ØYA ( a music festival situated almost in the city center of OSLO), without a ticket, because when I lived here I always used to think it was really sad being here during the festival ...of course only when  did not have a ticket ..because all my friends were in town ..but I  could not see them because I could not enter the era they were partying in.. Anyway, so there will be no festival posts on my blog this week ..instead I will show you some of the pictures I took during my stay at our CABIN.

August 7, 2013


Just arrived in OSLO after almost three weeks at our FAMILY CABIN in the NORWEGIAN MOUNTAINS. After one week of non stop summer fun the WEATHER GODS decided to change things up and give us two weeks of a lot of rain, thunder and lightning. These pictures were taken after my SISTER and FRODE arrived at the cabin .. when there was no more summer sun ..but still summer fun. We decided to go check out the water in this beautiful idyllic pond I have been bragging about.. turned out since it started raining the temperature had dropped to 18 degrees ...meaning I chickened out and din not swim ..but FRODE and ERLEND did. Looking at the picture of Frode I started thinking about THESE that I took last summer. Very different places and atmospheres.. but still the same people and the same activities. I think my FAVORITE thing in the whole world; spending time with Erlend, Frode & Inger.