November 28, 2011


When you read this I will be on my way to MIAMI(!). We are going there to see the ART BASEL fair, SWIM, enjoy the SUN and hopefully eat lots of LOBSTER and drink CHAMPAGNE. I can't wait, I have never been to Miami before and I have never really thought about going there .. but now that I am I can't wait ..and I can't stop singing Will Smiths song Miami ( it's this thing that I have; that I often start singing songs that have the same words in them as something that just have been said ..or something I'm doing ..or whatever.. the other day it was Wham's CLUB TROPICANA.. for the same reason as the Will Smith song..)  Miami will (hopefully..even though I love Christmas) be a big contrast to what's going on in these pictures; they were taken last night at the lighting of the NORWEGIAN CHRISTMAS TREE at PARISER PLATZ by BRANDENBURGER TOR. There was GLØGG, WAFFLES and HOT DOGS .. some entertainment and of course; what we all were waiting for; the lighting of the tree; I think it looks quite beautiful.

November 25, 2011


The other day I raided the WOOL departments at COS, H&M and KaDeWe; a thick BLUE wool sweater from COS menswear ( I love their sweaters; classic fits and good quality) and a thin BLACK wool sweater from COS women, tights and socks from FALKE( found a pair of tights that I really loved that was in SILK but turned out they costed 130 euros so think that one will have to wait till ...  I don't know when), a super soft headband from SEEBERGER( that actually got me out on a jog; my ears aways hurts really bad when it's cold and I get exhausted, so it was perfect for me; no ear pain + I always feel it's more easy to leave the house when it's cold if I can wear something warm and soft that I feel takes care of me, haha, I'm such a comfort person) ..and one really soft ORANGE sweater from H&M. I'm ready for winter! Have a nice WEEKEND:)


November 23, 2011



                            THE BAR                         

                   CAKE CUTTING                         



                            THE DANCE                        

                          THE DRESS CHANGE                  

                       LOVE, FAMILY  and TACOS                


These pictures were taken two days after we got married, before the party we hosted for our friends at the cocktail bar CSA on KARL MARX ALLEE. We met up with BRITNEY and MAGNUS a couple of hours before the PARTY and took some pictures and a drink. We were really lucky to have friends of ours do all the wedding photos, for me that made the photo shoot something much more and much more fun than if a stranger would do it. When we met Britney and Magnus they were both dressed up for the party as well, and all the time when Britney was taking pictures I was thinking; ah someone should be photographing her, she looks so great (she was wearing this nice coat and her hair and makeup looked fantastic). I'm really sad I don't have a picture of it, but I guess when you have your wedding photos taken you just have to accept that you are not the one doing the photography that day. 

So ..I really wanted our wedding photos to be taken on Karl Mar Allee. Even though E and I met in OSLO this is where he lived when we met, where we lived together for the first time and where he proposed to me. Even though Karl Marx Allee can be a little too monumental, gray and quiet in the long run I have always loved the esthetics of the architecture in our neighborhood. I therefore really like that some of the pictures Britney and Magnus took of us shows the beauty of the KINO INTERNATIONAL and CAFE MOSCAU. For some these buildings will probably always just mainly be iconic buildings, but for me it is the neighborhood where it all started. 

November 22, 2011


Photo: Lindsay Isola

When we came back to BERLIN from NORWAY, LINDSAY had left all the photos she took during our wedding on my hard drive. It was so fun to come back and be able to spend time looking at all the pictures that both she, BRITNEY and MAGNUS took during our wedding weekend. The pictures on this post Lindsay took on the morning of the wedding. I decided to spend the whole morning at the apartment getting ready together with my sister, Lindsay and my great hair dresser and makeup artist NADIA. It turned out to be a perfect morning and I am very glad that I had the opportunity and chose to spend the morning home in our beautiful apartment.

November 21, 2011