December 31, 2012


Thought it would be nice to wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR with pictures of JIM MEEHAN making a CHAMPAGNE COCKTAIL at PDT (check out the recipe here). It was such a fun photo shoot and these pictures really puts me in the mood for a good party with nice drinks. Hope you all have had/will have a great New Years Eve ..and a Happy New Year! I still have a little over 6 hours left of this year ...and my BIRTHDAY ..and will try to spend it as well as I can other words by drinking CHAMPAGNE, eating GREAT FOOD and celebrating my birthday with FRIENDS  ...IN NEW YORK CITY:)

December 24, 2012


Yesterday we had some friends over for traditional Norwegian JULEGRØT/RISENGRYNSGRØT. In my family we always eat this rice and milk porridge early on Christmas Eve, but E's family make it on the 23rd. Part of the tradition is that you hide an ALMOND in one of the bowls ..and the one who finds the almond gets a prize; traditionally a MARZIPAN PIG. In NORWAY you can always find different versions of this candy pig in the store, but here it was harder finding one. Sooo.. this year I made the marzipan pig AND I have to admit that I was pretty happy about the result. The pig's head was a little too heavy for the rest of his body but I think that kind of just gave him a cute look, like he's a bit SAD or something... maybe because somebody is going to eat him.. Ah, now I'm getting sentimental ..well, he's gone now, eaten and enjoyed so I guess I just have to appreciate this picture I have of him ..and maybe make it a tradition to make one each year from now.

December 23, 2012


About a month ago I shot these pictures of cocktail bar PTD's JIM MEEHAN here in NEW YORK. The images are part of the promotion campaign for his book; THE PDT COCKTAIL BOOK which is now available in German, and have been used to promote the book, together with recipes for delicious CHRISTMAS COCKTAILS. The drink seen here is the APPLE MALT TODDY, and the recipe is available on the German publisher GESTALTEN'S facebook profile. Happy holidays, everyone!