July 15, 2013


This weekend I experienced what I felt was the first SUMMER NIGHT since I arrived in BERGEN. I was wearing shoes with open toe AND an open jacket ...without getting COLD as I was walking home. Yes, it's all about ADAPTING ..or else you will get DEPRESSED. The whole evening was really nice, mixing things I used to do while living in BERGEN (it's been 7 years) with new things. As E and I was walking from the BUS STOP to my parents house, a stretch I've walked a THOUSAND times, I decided that I for once would try do a thing that I have wanted to do many times before, but never have done; try to CAPTURE some of that mixed feeling of walking these streets; filled with happiness and life from an evening filled with good FRIENDS, drinks and food .. at the same time as being surrounded by the quiet street of suburbia, so obviously stating that the evening is over, making me wish it never had to end (E on the other hand was at this point of the evening (as usual when I am all fired up) ready to crash into bed ..so we had to make a quick stop by the house to pick up some POTAPO CHIPS as BRIBE before he was ready to take some pictures). 

I have to say that it is in some ways strange suddenly spending all this time in Bergen, knowing that we will soon move back here. Right now I am truly in TRANSIT, living in the house where I grew up surrounded by so many memories  ...but this time being here with my husband, trying to plan a LIFE that I HOPE will have in it all that was GOOD the last time I lived here ..but at the same time be so different. It feels like some sort of time travel where I am living my life in one time... the present time, while by brain is running all these different narratives from past times parallel with that. What can I say, it's kind of confusing, but I am sure it will all fall into place ...when it does. 


  1. You look AMAZING Woman! Ahhh I miss you! Wish I could have eaten Norske chips with yall late night in Bønes.

    1. Thank you B! And that would have been amazing ..and made for more fun pictures ;) .. miss you so much, life ain't the same without you ... AHH! Tons of hugs!

  2. Du e hot, søss :)