July 27, 2013


I know I haven’t been that good at posting lately, but this LAST WEEK my lack of posting has not been because of having nothing to show you ..BUT a lack of internet. I have spent the last week at our family CABIN in the Norwegian mountains ..and it’s been absolutely WONDERFUL. A full week of SUN and warm temperatures. Norwegian summer at its BEST. The nearby lake has now reached the amazing temperature (I am being ironic) of 17,5 degrees (we started at 13 last weekend). I have not had the pleasure of taking a swim in it yet... simply because I do NOT think it would be a PEASURE (for every year that passes I become more of a WUSS when it comes to cold water) but I  have been spending a lot of time in a much smaller, totally IDYLLIC, POND that is not that far from here ..where the temperature is now 22.  I will not post pictures from that today, instead I will share with you some pictures from the night we arrived here... when I took a walk to pick FLOWERS. Something I have loved doing ever since I was a CHILD.