July 18, 2013


A certain amount of days looking out on this ..and I then mean FOG and RAIN ..eventually made me go out and photograph it. I think as a photographer one of my main assets is seeing the beauty in almost every situation ..but I think living in BERGEN ..even though Bergen can be really beautiful  ..will challenge me in that way. And even though photographing in untraditional weather can give really beautiful pictures ..it's not always as FUN. Anyway, this is my parents garden ..soaked in rain. The house normally has a great VIEW but these last days the view has been blocked by an endless white fluffy wall.


  1. Fog and rain always gives great pics! Love it.

  2. I am so glad all three of you liked this post! I guess it's a true example of how important it is to just get your ass out of the sofa ..even when it's raining outside .. AND that beauty often is found in untraditional places:) K