August 7, 2013


Just arrived in OSLO after almost three weeks at our FAMILY CABIN in the NORWEGIAN MOUNTAINS. After one week of non stop summer fun the WEATHER GODS decided to change things up and give us two weeks of a lot of rain, thunder and lightning. These pictures were taken after my SISTER and FRODE arrived at the cabin .. when there was no more summer sun ..but still summer fun. We decided to go check out the water in this beautiful idyllic pond I have been bragging about.. turned out since it started raining the temperature had dropped to 18 degrees ...meaning I chickened out and din not swim ..but FRODE and ERLEND did. Looking at the picture of Frode I started thinking about THESE that I took last summer. Very different places and atmospheres.. but still the same people and the same activities. I think my FAVORITE thing in the whole world; spending time with Erlend, Frode & Inger.


  1. Best backflip since last year. Tighter arse, but bigger splash.

  2. Haha:) Hoppet gjorde posten! K

  3. One of my fave posts eva. So beautifully atmospheric! love b