April 15, 2014


This Friday I had three CHEFS all to myself. Each of them made their own dishes and contributed with different foods and drinks. I contributed with ATMOSPHERE and ENTHUSIASM. What was thought to be a 5 course meal turned into something more like an ALL NIGHTER filled with several meals spread out. Everything tasted so so good. We started off with a CEVICHE inspired by a dish E and I had at HERBSAINT in NEW ORLEANS. Following it was ALISA's delicious potato and salmon salad, You can find the recipe on Alisa's BLOG, both the blog and the dish are highly recommended. Later we had E's kidney dish with mushrooms and espelette pepper. As a small break we had a GROG cocktail and then, about six hours after the ceviche, ARNE's homemade BUNS with PULLED PORK and coleslaw. And finally for dessert; MADELEINES. We had a friend buy the pan for New Years and after that E has been making them quite a lot. I am normally not a big fan of cookies,but these are so delicious, especially when served WARM. For the observant ones; yes, the table was originally set for five, but we got a last minute cancellation. After watching the pictures I'm guessing she must be sorry, at least I would have been. It was a feast.

March 13, 2014


It's not a secret that E does almost all the COOKING in this house. I used to like to cook, but after getting used to E's food I kind of don't want to go back to the kind of food that I used to make when I was a student.. I was really happy about the food that I made and ate back then ..but food has been taken to a NEW LEVEL, and I was not the one who took it there ..so now if I am going to cook I just feel that E is a much better cook than me and that kind of demotivates me. BUT, as mentioned, I like to cook, so I have decided that baking and desserts will be my thing, not bread because E already owns that, but the sweet world of desserts and cakes. I started off really simple with a flourless chocolate cake with a twist. I used a NIGELLA LAWSON RECIPE for a flouerless chocolate cake with LIME ..and I used CHILI chocolate instead of ordinary dark chocolate. I did not make the margarita cream she suggests with it, because I made the cake kind of spontaneously and the cream required two sorts of LIQUOR I did not have in the house.. but I definitely will make it with the cream next time ...for fun (the cream has tequila in it)! The cake by the way turned out great ..if I may say so myself. I normally like to have something FRESH with my chocolate cake, like berries, but with the lime in the cake I got everything I wanted from the cake itself. So if someone is looking to bake a chocolate cake with a twist ..I can definitely recommend making it with chili and lime:)

March 6, 2014


When my sister and I were KIDS our parents used to bring us here for Sunday walks ..to ARBORETET at MILDE. Maybe it's because it's really beautiful there, or maybe because even though you go there to walk ..it's kind of casual walking, I never stopped liking this place ..not even when I was a stubborn teenager. The area is situated outside the city center close to the OCEAN.. and has beaches and forests as well as botanical gardens ..and there are many nice walking paths. My mom, sister and I went there this Saturday to fully enjoy the beautiful day. After a very dark and wet winter I felt that this weekend kind of brought me back to LIFE with its light and sunshine ..that my sister visited from Trondheim probably didn't hurt either.