June 10, 2014


I am very excited about finally having a KARIKJOSNES.COM where you can find my blog as well as other projects I am working on.
This blog with all its posts will still be available online, but from now on I will be posting at karikjosnes.com. I’ve chosen to do this because, as you might have noticed, after I moved back to NORWAY it’s been hard to keep up the high posting frequency I had before. The lack of TIME ..and LIGHT has forced me into a different way of working. I loved posting the way I did before, but change can also be good and I hope now to post maybe not as often, but spend more time on the things I do post. These PROJECTS will appear under the different categories you will find in the head bar on my site. I will also ..hopefully.. be posting more frequently little ‘notes and postcards’ on my blog from my everyday life. It's a little bit sad leaving this blog that has been my second home for over 4 years now.
I hope you all find your way to my new home at karikjosnes.com. It will not be the same without you!



  1. Den e grei! Lykke til med den nye!

  2. Great pictures, ever consider sellin them to some kind of creative agency or something like that? You're a true artist. Love the photos <3 <3 <3