May 23, 2014


Last weekend we celebrated our CONSTITUTION DAY, the 17th of MAY, here in NORWAY. Ever since I was a child I have LOVED this holiday and the way it is celebrated, but these last years I've been abroad and therefore haven't celebrated it in a traditional way. It turned out that I would not this year either, even though I have moved back to BERGEN ..BUT I still feel that it was celebrated in a very traditional spirit. My sister and FRODE invited ERLEND and me to join them at FRODE's family's cabin in LUSTER in SOGN. I have not been there before, and it turned out that it is the most beautiful ..and NATIONAL ROMANTIC place with steep mountains with snow on them, beautiful fjords and fruit trees in BLOOM. Even though the weather was really gloomy with low clouds the day we arrived (something that apparently is quit common in this area) I thought it was perfect. And the next day when the SUN came out it was perfect in a new way, I will show you how tomorrow:)

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