March 1, 2014


I met INGVILD ØSTGÅRD about 12 years ago. We were both students at KIB, an art school in BERGEN. We didn't really hang out that much, but as in all art schools ..or at least the way I imagine it to be, you get to know your fellow students pretty well. We were also both friends with TONE, another classmate of ours, and it was kind of through her we all ended up moving into an apartment at GRUNERLØKKA in OSLO years later. My years in that apartment turned out to be some of the BEST years of my life, much due to the fact that I could not have asked for better ROOMMATES. Through the years I have known INGVILD she has not only grown into a beautiful woman, but also a talented graphic designer and musician. These pictures were taken at Ingvild's old studio in OSLO (she now lives in Trondheim) a beautiful Oslo summer day. You should visit I MADE IT if you want to see more of her graphic work .. or THIS LINK to check out her music. 


  1. she seems awesome! and also-- where is this space!?!? is it an apartment?? looks beautiful!

    1. It was a big studio that she shared with other artists and designers ..and it was located at Grünerløkka ..and it was beautiful:) Amazing light.