February 23, 2014


This is not one breakfast...but two (I eat a lot for breakfast, but not that much). They were both DELICIOUS and they both contained one of my new favorite things; freshly squeezed orange juice ( it's so good ..and nutritious ..and perfect since we can never finish a carton of juice because we only drink juice during weekends, and then only one glass). In both cases the juice was made with BLOOD ORANGES ..or red oranges that they seem to be calling them these days. I don't get it, or I kind of get it; I guess store owners are afraid that people might be GROSSED out by the word BLOOD ..but I still don't agree ..because I think that the name Blood orange is way cooler, more exciting and even more descriptive than just red orange.. since the orange itself isn't really red when you see it in the store.. it's more the juice that is red.. which is kind of the blood of the orange.. so I really  think people should stick to the old name. 

Writing of blood and food made me think of this other thing. I consider myself fairly relaxed around the word blood ..also when it comes to cooking. Still my relaxedness was challenged some weeks ago when I went to SOLHEIM KJØTT, our local butcher, with Erlend. It was not exactly EARLY in the morning, but it was before lunch ..and I could still feel the taste of tooth paste in my mouth. I knew why we were there, but I was still kind of thrown when E placed his order ..out loud, to the man behind the counter: 

-Two liters of pigs blood (adding the question; It's fresh right? The butcher confirmed with a nod.)
-2 kilos of speck (which is fat)
-and five meters of intestines ('tarmer' for my norwegian readers)

Some of you might think, why would someone buy this? For me.. a long time fan of BUFFY the Vampire Slayer, the answer 'because your husband is a modern vampire' would seem fair. BUT, to more RUSTIC food lovers, older people ..and the butcher ..I think it was pretty clear; my husband was there to buy the ingredients for blood sausage..or as the french call it BOUDIN NOIR. Even though I like boudin noir (it was one of the specials at our favorite restaurant in BERLIN; CHEZ MAURICE) ..and I NEW that we were at the butchers to buy blood I was thrown when he said the ingredients out loud.. I think the fresh part... and the the word intestines just became a little too much. I can eat almost everything, but I have realized ..and come to terms with.. the fact that if I want to continue to enjoy certain kinds of foods... I can not be present ..or participate when those things are being made/ prepared. I can also not eat it when I am way too hungry and have low blood sugar ..but that story I will save for later.

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