November 8, 2013


A couple of weeks ago I spent two mornings in SOLHEIMSVIKEN shooting the area around DNB NOR's new facilities. I was there shooting pictures for SVEIN BOASSON AS, the company in charge of the outdoor area in between and around these new buildings. The air was CRIST and CLEAR, the shadows blue and the sun was warm other words; a great day at the office. This picture doesn't really show anything of what I was there to photograph (which I will show you later), but I thought this view deserved a picture. The bridge you see in the picture is PUDDEFJORDSBROEN, a bridge I have crossed thousands of times by bus or car ..traveling from where I grew up to the city center. Spending these mornings in this area made me realize that it's not only the city that has changed, it is also the way I view things. It's quite amazing coming back and realizing that these last years of traveling and photographing has completely changed the way I see the world. Or maybe not completely. As a photographer I have always worked with my interest for ...and ability to spot, visual beauty ..BUT it's like these last few years have strengthened this part of me, this sense, so that I now literally see Bergen in a totally new way. I guess it works the same way with all our SENSES, they are strengthened as we stimulate them and use them more.


  1. I'm quite shy in what blog commenting is concerned, but THIS, as a view from the OFFICE is absolutely breathtaking! I too am lucky to live in an apartment with a beautiful view towards the estuary of a river (the Tagus, in Lisbon), but I appreciate you sharing this small portion of the huge sea we all share in Europe!

    1. Thank you for your comment, the pleasure is all mine:)