May 18, 2013


So this is the STUDIO that has functioned as my home for the last weeks. It belongs to two friends of mine that are currently out of town .. and I was very happy when I found out that I could stay here while they were gone. It is located in a BACKYARD that is connected to a very charming street in KREUZBERG. I just love the furniture, the windows, LARS' paintings, the concrete floors, the LAMP made by ØYSTEIN, the light ..just the ATMOSPHERE of the space. As I have mentioned earlier, one of my favorite things when I live, or am staying in a new space ..that I really like, is to get to spend time with it ..and SOAK in all the visual impressions ..and then try to capture it the way I see it ..and the way I feel about it, through my camera. For me, having the chance to spend a lot of time with a ROOM ..or a PLACE ..or an OBJECT that I really like ..while photographing it, can be compared to the feeling a person could get if they had the chance to sit in the sun. .. for as long as they wanted ..while eating as much as they wanted of their favorite ICE CREAM ...or the feeling you can get when you disappearing into your favorite BOOK or MAGAZINE. So yes, I INDULGE in these situations. Writing this makes me think of this sentence that I wrote down many years ago ..while in art school; 'I am a person who has a very non-superficial relationship to many superficial things'  ...or as a friend of mine put it the other night ; 'I love beautiful things' could be your mantra. 

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