March 13, 2014


It's not a secret that E does almost all the COOKING in this house. I used to like to cook, but after getting used to E's food I kind of don't want to go back to the kind of food that I used to make when I was a student.. I was really happy about the food that I made and ate back then ..but food has been taken to a NEW LEVEL, and I was not the one who took it there now if I am going to cook I just feel that E is a much better cook than me and that kind of demotivates me. BUT, as mentioned, I like to cook, so I have decided that baking and desserts will be my thing, not bread because E already owns that, but the sweet world of desserts and cakes. I started off really simple with a flourless chocolate cake with a twist. I used a NIGELLA LAWSON RECIPE for a flouerless chocolate cake with LIME ..and I used CHILI chocolate instead of ordinary dark chocolate. I did not make the margarita cream she suggests with it, because I made the cake kind of spontaneously and the cream required two sorts of LIQUOR I did not have in the house.. but I definitely will make it with the cream next time ...for fun (the cream has tequila in it)! The cake by the way turned out great ..if I may say so myself. I normally like to have something FRESH with my chocolate cake, like berries, but with the lime in the cake I got everything I wanted from the cake itself. So if someone is looking to bake a chocolate cake with a twist ..I can definitely recommend making it with chili and lime:)

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