January 4, 2014


My BIRTHDAY BREAKFAST this year was an attempt to recreate last year's birthday brunch at BALTHAZAR in NEW YORK; EGGS NORWEGIAN and MIMOSA. Even though the great people I had the brunch with last year could not be there ..and well, our living room does not have the same atmosphere as Balthazar.. E made a phenomenal effort to make the food just as great. Homemade english muffin, hollandaise, poached eggs and smoked salmon ..with panfried potatoes and onions ..,accompanied by mimosas with freshly squeezed orange juice. Yes, I was very full afterwards, and very happy! 


  1. Awww I don't think my comment stuck before! Wish I could have been with you amazing lady! That birthday brunch last year was incredible. So happy I got to be a part of it, like many of your past birthday brunches! Lotsa love to you. Miss you like crazy. love b

  2. Congratulations! :)