October 3, 2013


These photographs were taken a couple a days ago, close to where I now live ..in BERGEN, more specifically; in SOLHEIMSVIKEN, close to DANMARKSPLASS. I can not begin to explain how HAPPY I am, not only with our new apartment, but also with the area where it's located. Moving back to BERGEN made me realize how I really only knew very small parts of the city. I suddenly feel that the only part of Bergen I ever really knew was BØNES (which is where I grew up, a suburban area situated about 10-15 minutes outside the city center) as well as the immediate city center, where I lived as a STUDENT. 

The last time I lived in Bergen, seven years ago, it would have been UNTHINKABLE to live where we live now. When some friends moved out here I remember thinking that their life was basically over and that they were LOSERS. I guess I got OLDER, but I also got used to living in much bigger cities, with longer distances to cover. I remember the feeling of not wanting to go to another bar because it was situated on the opposite side of the city center- so it would take something like 5-10 minutes to walk there. Maybe I was particularly LAZY, but I honestly remember this as a collective idea. Of course it has to do with the weather, all the RAIN, but mainly I think it just has to do with the distances you are used to. Anyway, it feels good to be back and now feel that everything is so CLOSE and easy to get to. It also feels good that so many things have changed in the CITY, and not only with me.

So, the area where these pictures were taken is an example of an area that has changed a lot since the last time I lived here. It used to be the home of a big shipping company, BERGEN MEKANISKE VERKSTED, that produced iron steam boats here between 1855 and 1991. Today they are changing the area by putting in office buildings, apartments ..even a cafe; KRANEN (more about this some other time). I guess what is so charming about the area right now is that you still have the some of the old elements, as well as all the new. Like this wooden pier with the fancy buildings in the background. To me it is just also really nice to live by the ocean again, something I really missed living in BERLIN.


  1. I want those BOOTS!! Where can I get them? love you lady, BA

    1. I bought them in NY last fall, actually on Black Friday ..at MADEWELLl. Don't know if they have them this year too ..but they have stores on Broadway.. and also one on 5th..(and probably other places too) if you want to stop by and check:) Love you too lady B! K