October 31, 2013


Since we moved back to BERGEN in September the weather has been UNREALISTICALLY good, at least WAY better than I had feared. In 2012 Bergen had 269 days of RAIN.. also meaning 96 days with no rain.. which is not a lot, so my expectations were accordingly. My experience from this JULY (it pretty much looked like THIS the whole time we were here) did not help either. Even though I am a fairly optimistic person I have to admit that I like to go into situations with LOW expectations, because I function a lot better when positively surprised than the other way around. Like this autumn in BERGEN, which in my eyes have been absolutely DELIGHTFUL. That does not mean that we have had no rain... it means that it has not been raining all the time, like on the day these pictures were taken, right around the corner from our apartment. As I have mentioned earlier; I really like my neighborhood. And I LOVE having all my clothes in one spot again, like this coat that used to be my mom's. She used to wear it with a pair of flared trousers ..made in the exact same fabric. The pants stopped fitting me when I was around 10 ..so I guess we will never really know if I would have been able to pull off that look.. (at least in a more serious context than the dress up sessions my sister and I would arrange in the basement of our house). But one thing is for sure; my mother did. I think I have to ask her the next time I see her if she has a picture of it, I have a vague memory of having seen one a long time ago.. or maybe I am just imagining it. If there is a picture ..I will try to persuade my mother into having her blog debut.

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