March 20, 2013


This weekend we moved from our hotel down in LIPARI to a small house on top of the island a village called PIANOCONTE. The house has a great view; from our terraces (we have many!) we can see FILICUDI and ALICUDI; the two smallest of the Aeolian islands, VULCANO ...and  ETNA; the big active volcano on SICILY ..but we did not see its eruption the other day because of some fog:( Next to the amazing view it's also very charming up here, real country feel, so this week we are living a sort of VILLAGE life. A part of this is buying our groceries from a small local store further up the street ...and then making food in our very charming kitchen. One of my favorites that we had this day was a locally made PISTACHIO PESTO that we mixed with some pasta.. really good.


  1. oh my, everything looks so delish, so charming, so cozy, so Mediterranean style. I miss all that, even though I'm from Portugal, it's still quite the same.
    Love coming here and and cure my homesickness :)

    1. I'm so happy you feel that way:)