March 15, 2013


Yesterday my husband took me for a tour of what is kind of his ISLAND. 12 years ago he and two friends spent 4 months on LIPARI. From February through May they lived here, reading their curriculum, having an ITALIAN MAMMA (the italian woman they rented their apartment from, who came down from her flat on the top floor once a week to clean their apartment, wash their LAUNDRY and express her worries about the three BEER BOTTLES on the counter ..but not the five liter JUG of WINE standing next to it) developing a crush on the local BREAD GIRL, eating PASTA, working their way trough all the different sorts of COOCKIES/dry cakes they had at the local grocery store ..and probably much more that I don't know about ..and maybe don't want to know about. Ever since I met E I have heard of this island. His stay here is to me kind of a TESTAMENT to how he has come to live his life ..and how he has influenced my life since I met him; being an expert at finding CREATIVE UNTRADITIONAL SOLUTIONS to where to live his ..and now OUR, life. 


  1. I'm going to Italy in June on vacations. Can't wait. ;)

    1. Ah, sounds nice! We have had some bad weather due to the time of year, but you will probably have the perfect, warm and sunny Italian experience:) Where in Italy are you going?