March 26, 2013


I guess there are a lot of VIRTUES a person can have … self editing is one that I do not always possess. For me editing pictures and putting them together is half the FUN of making a blogpost (where photographing the pictures and having the actual experience is the other half) …and where others maybe would CUT a couple of photos when they felt the post didn't work ..well ..I ADD. I remember when I went to art school the expression 'kill your darlings' was often brought up ..for me it was kind of hard .. because DARLINGS were basically all that I created. Even though I can be pessimistic and critical, I tend, in some parts of life, to be better at defining the yes instead of the no, the why instead of the why not. For instance I always tell my FRIENDS that if they find a nice piece of clothing ..that they want …but are sure they should buy… they should only bring me for a second opinion IF they have the money to buy it ..because I can give them a HUNDRED reasons for why the should buy it; when they could wear it, how it fits them, what they can wear it with ..the pro list goes on.. but I would basically be at no help at all listing the cons. So yes, that's what happened to this blogpost .. so I hope you'll bear with me. The pictures were taken on a beautiful CLEAR morning where we had a clear view to all of the islands around us. The mountain with snow is the active volcano ETNA ( that I now know that you very rarely see eruptions from at LIPARI ..fog or not), and the two small islands are ALICUDI and  FILICUI. And the house that my husband is standing on the roof of the house we rented.


  1. You are too cute and wonderful Kari Kjøsnes!!! Klem, BA

    1. You are too nice and I miss you! Can't wait to hang out again in not THAT long:) Big Easter hug:)