July 18, 2012


 I have never been a fan of warm, or even room temperature, fruit so I always keep my fruit in the fridge. STILL I learned many years ago that there is one type of warm fruit that is DELICIOUS: the one you pick straight off the tree. My first experience of this was when my parents were living in IRAN. In their backyard they had a PEACH TREE and one day when the weather was steaming hot and I was freshly cooled from a swim in the pool I picked a peach from the tree and took a bite. To this day that is my FAVORITE FRUIT EXPERIENCE (maybe next to ..or just slightly over, some really good bananas that I once tasted at the 'BEACH HUT LIKE' airport at KOH SAMUI in THAILAND). It was amazingly SWEET, warm and JUICY. I can still remember the feeling of some warm fruit juice running down my shin ..and not being annoyed by it, just totally content. This year when we arrived at CASCINA COLLINA I realized that the one big tree next to the POOL were carrying fruits. I couldn't remember this from last year and found out later that the tree ..that I now know is an APRICOT TREE, hadn't been carrying fruit since 2006, but had made a COMEBACK this SUMMER after a particularly cold winter. I'm glad it did.

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  1. Aprikoser, til og med som nedfallsfrukt, alt bare lekkert. Og en "forfriskende" historie til å få vann i munnen av!