June 18, 2012


Here are some of my snapshots from my trip to this years dOCUMENTA in KASSEL. These are the less 'serious' ones ...and the more serious ones; meaning pictures showing more of the actual ART, were published on Kunstkritikk.no, so you can see them HERE.


  1. thank you very much they are very good ( shoes are the top ! )
    it is very interesting the classification of what serious , less , more , ultra


    I did not do that kind of classification in my kassel stock but may think to do a box called pinligt / not pinligt / emergency / can wait / institutional / non institutional etc
    thanks for make me produce some thinking !! ...http://www.emergencyrooms.org/documenta_kassel.html


  2. Haha, thank you and you're welcome! ..and well I don't really do classifications either ..at least not normally. The reason I made a distinction this time was that the pictures shown on Kunstkritikk.no were chosen based on what kind of pictures they wanted for their website ..and they are not as interested in atmospheric pictures as I am ..and deff not as interested in shoes as both you and I apparently are:)